The new Mets King of Social Media

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves
New York Mets v Atlanta Braves / Edward M. Pio Roda/GettyImages

The king is dead! Or at least with the Los Angeles Angels. That’s what happened with Noah Syndergaard this offseason. The former New York Mets king of social media fled the castle and will suit up with the Angels, at least for the 2022 season whenever that may be.

A kingdom without a king is no place to be. While Tomas Nido is certainly a better choice to rule than Bran Stark—let’s not go there—the man I’m going to crown as the new king of Mets social media is Trevor Williams.

Trevor Williams is the Mets King of Social Media

Trevor May has a huge following on social media in a variety of places but it’s Williams who wins the title for me. He has the quirks of a relief pitcher even though a large part of his career was spent starting games for the Pittsburgh Pirates. In his short time with the Mets, he has fit in nicely as one of the “good guys” on the team and someone who never ceases to entertain on Twitter while also not offending anyone—not that I would personally mind but let’s not forget about the Mets fans in Middle America.

Williams hasn’t been shy about mentioning the elephant in the room with baseball right now. In a recent tweet, he shared some MLB stock photos created with some superior editing skills:

And even though he is a religious man, My Name is Trevor can bring that part of his life into the sphere of baseball and humor:

Williams will play a much lesser role on the Mets than our old king. The expected long man out of the bullpen with maybe the occasional start, we shouldn’t expect him to do Syndergaard things on the mound.

He plays an important role, nonetheless.

When he’s not looking to give the Mets two, three, or maybe even four innings this year, entertaining us on social media seems to be a passion of his. I’m not normally a fan of what most athletes post on social media. King Williams the First is an exception.

And he also has some great life advice:

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