3 thoughts on a Juan Soto dream trade

Washington Nationals v New York Mets
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3) The Mets should stay the course they’re currently on

An admitted wimp who doesn’t like taking major risks or investing in cryptocurrency, I’d prefer the Mets to stay on the course they’re on. Buying free agents to fill holes seemed to work this past offseason. Keeping the notable prospects they have coming up will help aid them going forward.

As splashy as trading for Juan Soto would be, it erases a lot of what the team successfully did in the offseason. Why not, instead, use all of those assets to acquire multiple players rather than just one? It’s an argument of quantity over quality. On a 26-man roster, it might be the better direction to lead the team.

All odds are already stacked against the Mets acquiring Soto. Being a team within the Nationals’ division doesn’t help them whatsoever. With other farm systems out there rated higher, we can assume there are more desirable trade packages available for what the Nationals would want. The Mets, for as much as we praise their minor league system, are a bit short on quality pitchers. While certainly not a deal-breaker, it could be a factor for an organization that has had an awful pitching staff this season.

Speculation with Soto will continue as long as he remains in Washington and doesn’t have a lengthy contract. The Mets will have a chance at him in free agency if he is ever allowed to get there. If he isn’t, it’s nothing to fret about. The Mets will just pivot and get the next best player available or all of the best fitting ones.

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