How the Joey Lucchesi trading is aging badly in multiple ways

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
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On January 19, 2021, the New York Mets got together on a phone call with the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Diego Padres to make a pretty big trade. The Padres picked up Joe Musgrove who Mets fans now know is the guy who helped eliminate them from the 2022 postseason. He is already signed to an extension, too.

The Pirates did pretty well in the trade, too. All-Star closer David Bednar was picked up from San Diego and from the Mets, they received Endy Rodriguez, a minor leaguer we didn’t know much about at the time.

All the Mets have gotten out of this deal is pitcher Joey Lucchesi. In two seasons, that’s 38.1 innings of work and just a 4.46 ERA performance.

The Mets trade for Joey Lucchesi is aging worse than expected

We can knock off a lot of points in this three-team trade for the Mets. Musgrove defeating the Mets adds some spice to it. The fact that the Mets could have used an arm like Bednar in their bullpen this past season is only a little sprinkle. Even if we view this strictly as a Lucchesi for Rodriguez deal, there’s a pain in the lower back fans may soon be experiencing.

Rodriguez is rising fast through the minor leagues. He was impressive in 2021 down in Single-A. However, it’s his 2022 performance which is making this trade age much worse.

Combined in High-A, Double-A, and Triple-A, Rodriguez hit 39 doubles, 25 home runs, and drove in 95. He accomplished it with an outstanding .323/.407/.590 slash line. A man with no one-defined position, he plays some valuable positions including catcher, second base, and left field.

Rodriguez was never a top-of-the-line prospect during his time with the Mets. His numbers were decent during the two years he spent on the farm. Had the Mets had any idea this was coming, it’s doubtful they would have had any interest parting with him in exchange for a sixth-starter at best.

Lucchesi missing half of 2021 and all of 2022 due to Tommy John Surgery only adds to how we feel about this trade. Unable to contribute this season when there was a need for a lefty reliever, this will easily become one of those front office decisions we come to despise as time goes on.

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