3 moves Mets fans can be jealous their NL East rivals made

Philadelphia Phillies Introduce Trea Turner
Philadelphia Phillies Introduce Trea Turner / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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And you know it might not be that bad. This was one of the best offseasons the New York Mets ever had. If they hadn’t blown the farm system years ago, they might not be alone—in having to navigate free agency so tirelessly this offseason. We've already looked at moves the rest of the NL East should be envious of. What about the other side?

Even with all of the good moves the Mets did make this winter, there are a few made by their NL East rivals we can feel envious of. Each would have been a fit in one way or another for the Mets. It’s too late to do anything about it now. At least there are a couple of players their NL East rivals can be jealous about, too.

The past is gone, but a solid free agent might be found, to take their place. Hey jealousy.

1) NY Mets should be jealous of the Phillies signing Trea Turner

Trea Turner was someone Mets fans were hoping the team could find a spot for on the roster. Three positions stood out as possibilities. Second base with Jeff McNeil roving around the field was one of the less popular selections. Third base, similarly to the way the Mets had planned to sign Carlos Correa, was another.

The most realistic spot to play Turner may have actually ended up being in center field. The team considered him as a Brandon Nimmo replacement before successfully bringing him back.

Instead of the Mets, the Philadelphia Phillies were the ones lucky enough to sign him. He’ll play at his natural position at shortstop. Prepared to be one of the biggest pests for the Mets this year and beyond, the jealousy level with him isn’t too great.

The Mets have Nimmo in center field and Francisco Lindor locked up as their shortstop. Even so, the thought of Turner in the lineup is mouthwatering.