3 potential trade partners for J.D. Davis

Los Angeles Dodgers v New York Mets
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Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers
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Chicago White Sox

While the Cubs could certainly be interested in trading for JD Davis, their cross time rival White Sox also appear to potential suitors for him this off-season.

Unlike the Cubs, the White Sox were player off-contenders in 2021, finishing first in the AL Central and making it to the divisional round of the player-offs before they were eliminated by the Houston Astros.

While the Cubs are rebuilding, the Sox will likely be contenders once again in 2022, and while they already have a very capable, young third baseman in Yoan Moncada, they could stand to improve their starting left fielder and designated hitter, which are roles JD could easily fill.

While the White Sox could go after one of the many free agents to improve the aforementioned positions, Chicago came into the off-season with the 4th highest payroll in the MLB, so a player with Davis' price tag and offensive potential is a very tempting alternative.

Pursing Davis could give Chicago a steady bat and keep money free to make improvements in other areas of the team, while the Mets could make a move for one of their prospects or major league talent in an attempt to better themselves.

Who exactly the Mets could look to receive in this hypothetical trade at this point would be nothing more than speculation, but one thing I can safely say is that if JD Davis is available, the White Sox would certainly be interested.