3 potential trade partners for J.D. Davis

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Chicago Cubs

Back at the 2021 trade deadline, the Chicago Cubs dealt Kris Bryant, one of the top third baseman in the MLB, to the San Francisco Giants, and are now tasked this off-season to find an replacement for him at third.

They could try to bring back Bryant, as at the time of writing he is a free agent, but Kris will likely command a high salary and lengthy deal, in a year where the Cubs are set to be rebuilding with younger players for the future, and a player like JD Davis may better fit their strategy.

This off-season, Davis is entering his first year of arbitration and is set to be under team control for the next 3 years. While he won't be getting paid the league minimum any more, he will likely be getting paid a fraction of what Bryant will sign for, along with the potential for excellent offensive production.

Making the move for Davis to bring him in to either play third base or left field would address one of Chicago's biggest needs this off-season, and after the "fire sale" they had at the 2021 trade deadline, they certainly have more than enough prospects to tempt JD away from New York.

The Cubs are entering this off-season with the 18th ranked farm system in the league, and Chicago has several talented minor leaguer's in their top 30 who the Mets could certainly use, either to replenish their own farm system or to flip in a future trade.

Alternatively, Chicago does have several talented players at the Major League level, such as Kyle Hendricks, who the Mets could attempt to trade JD Davis in a packaged deal in an attempt to address on of this off-season's biggest needs: starting pitching.

Regardless of what this hypothetical trade would end up being, the Cubs would certainly welcome a player with Davis' talents, and would be arguably the Mets' top trade partner for him.