The case to make J.D. Davis the Mets DH in 2022

J.D. Davis prepares to swing at a pitch against the New York Yankees.
J.D. Davis prepares to swing at a pitch against the New York Yankees. / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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J.D. Davis
There are both strong arguments for and against J.D. Davis becoming the team's designated hitter in 2022. / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The Mets are in an unique position with the inevitable adoption of the universal designated hitter. Because of the many players the team currently has on the roster that can slide into this role naturally, the Mets have numerous options at who to staff at the position, and they can choose to be creative filling this new position.

Davis is one of those options. As it was explored in this article, Davis is a prototype designed hitter: with a below-average glove but a slightly above-average bat, he is best utilized in pinch-hitting situations that don’t result in him taking the field. Over his Mets tenure, Davis has simply committed too many errors at the position to be regularly counted on at the hot corner defensively.

Although the designated hitter debate will rage on until the 2022 season starts, installing J.D. Davis as the primary designated hitter may be a good decision for the Mets.

Of course, by giving Davis the designated hitter spot, this would create an issue as to what to do with Robinson Cano. However, although that concern is relevant, it is not enough to dismiss the benefits of having Davis in the designated hitter spot. It could also potentially be beneficial for Davis’s career. One of the reasons that the Mets found it difficult to find trade partners for Davis is because of his poor defense, and the limited number of designated hitter jobs in the league. With 15 more designated hitters, Davis’s value could potentially increase and help the Mets down the line if given a chance to produce at the designated hitter position.

As a result, the verdict is that there is a stronger argument for Davis to assume the designated hitter position than not.

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