Jacob deGrom is a star in New York and apparently South Dakota, too

Milwaukee Brewers v New York Mets - Game One
Milwaukee Brewers v New York Mets - Game One / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

New Yorkers can’t get enough of Jacob deGrom. Apparently, neither can the good people of South Dakota. According to Sports Reference by way of Jesse Spector, the New York Mets ace has the most popular Baseball-Reference page in these two states.

We already knew Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom was the King of New York but he’s also the Czar of South Dakota

It’s no shock whatsoever for deGrom to have such a popular Baseball-Reference page among those living in the Empire State. Fans want to know what deGrom has done, is doing, and get an idea of what has yet to come. Competing against each of his teammates and the entire history of the New York Yankees, it says a lot about how interested people are in what deGrom can do.

The South Dakota part is a little tougher to understand. deGrom is a Florida kid who went to school there, too. I’d be surprised if he has even flown over South Dakota let alone set foot there.

The only guess I have: deGrom was there in preparation for having his face sculpted on Mount Rushmore.

There are plenty of other things to take away from this map. Shohei Ohtani basically has the entire country in his palm. Tennessee’s admiration for Shoeless Joe Jackson suggests the state didn’t really enjoy the Atlanta Braves winning the 2021 World Series as much as I think many of us would have they would. They are aware that baseball has been played in the last 100 years, right?

Logically, you would think the only states a Mets player could possibly top the list would be New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. The Yankees have New Jersey with Aaron Judge as the owner of the most-viewed page. Up in Connecticut, Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Aaron Nola has somehow become the most viewed guy. Could it be that one person in Hartford is constantly refreshing his page?

If the Mets ever do win a World Series with deGrom on the roster, the expected parade route would have originally taken them through Manhattan. Knowing how popular he apparently is out in South Dakota, maybe we need to redirect things to those 886,000+ people what they want: Jacob deGrom!

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