5 worst free agent destinations for Jacob deGrom if he leaves

New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates - Game Two
New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates - Game Two / Justin Berl/GettyImages
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3) Mets fans don’t want Jacob deGrom signing with the Yankees

Anytime a player goes from the Mets to the New York Yankees or vice versa people are going to talk about it. It’s some of the best and most annoying sports radio talk fodder around the trade deadline and during the offseason. How many hypothetical trades have fans come up with over the centuries for these two clubs to make?

Free agency is a little different. Players can choose to switch uniforms. In the history of both clubs, it has happened often enough.

Depending on where the Yankees finish could determine whether or not they even need a high-level pitcher of deGrom’s caliber on the roster. Their rotation does have some areas they could improve. With Jameson Taillon also set to hit free agency, there’s an automatic place for deGrom to fill in.

It would seem that deGrom is chasing dollars this offseason with the declaration months ago that he would use his opt-out. Mets owner Steve Cohen would probably prefer to not get outbid for deGrom’s services by the Yankees. However, if Hal Steinbrenner channels his father, it’s exactly what they will do.

deGrom staying in New York but pitching for a different time would surely anger some fans. There are still two teams we’d like to see him sign with less.