5 worst free agent destinations for Jacob deGrom if he leaves

New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates - Game Two
New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates - Game Two / Justin Berl/GettyImages
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4) Mets fans don’t want Jacob deGrom signing with the Dodgers

The Dodgers seem to get everything they want. They’re the spoiled child of the National League. Mookie Betts. Freddie Freeman. They get all of the stars. And even when they don’t get stars, they make Tyler Anderson a Cy Young contender.

On top of all of that, they’re a minor league factory of talent. They churn out young stars with the best of them. They do not need deGrom. They’re definitely going to be interested if the Mets are unable to keep him around.

There’s a different kind of pain in seeing deGrom sign with the Dodgers. It almost feels a little more like he betrayed the only organization he has known thus far. The Dodgers are an enemy of the Amazins despite being three hours behind and only visiting about once per year these days. Nonetheless, the Dodgers remain a huge rival of the Mets and even more so these days in the Steve Cohen regime.

Never count out the Dodgers in any major trade or free agent signing. As soon as Mets fans get caught thinking “they don’t even need deGrom” is the moment we see him sign a deal with them. It feels inevitable. The Dodgers are always out there causing pain.