The Mets need to take a hard stance with Jacob deGrom's future

Jacob DeGrom
Jacob DeGrom / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

New York Mets ace Jacob deGrom is the best starting pitcher in the game and could make it to the Hall of Fame. His current contract is also the last multiyear deal that the Mets should give him. deGrom is making $33.5 million this year (age 33), $30.5 million next year (age 34) and $32.5 million in 2024 (age 35). This is if he doesn't opt-out after this season, which due to injury he probably will not. The most important thing for the Mets is to win and avoiding bad contracts is a big part of that.

New York Mets fans are loyal.

This loyalty led to many fans supporting David Wright's 7 year/$122 million extension back in 2012. I thought it was a bad idea at the time, and unfortunately I was right. He never even came close to living up to the contract and it was a major mistake to give it to him. As much as it hurts to do, sometimes you have to put business over fan loyalty. Would you give Wright that deal in hindsight?

Jacob deGrom has only been able to throw 92 innings last season and will likely not throw many more this season. If he doesn't opt-out after the season, then he either had a bad season or the injury is a concern for his value. The Mets then have him for 2 years at a premium salary and no extension is needed. If he opts out, then he'll be looking to beat those 2 years/$63 million and the Mets should not be the team to do so. There's too much risk to do so.

Pitchers in their mid-30's with a major recent injury history are rarely a good value. Is it worth a $100 million commitment that can be used on safer improvements? What about another middle of the order bat or inning eaters for the rotation? Would you like to risk $100 million+ that an injury prone mid-30's pitcher will be fine? Let's stay on the safe side and spend the money wisely, just ask Tampa Bay.

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