The Mets set up farm system success with 2023 international signings

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The New York Mets started January with a massive intake, putting a dent in the international market, signing 28 players total with a spending of $5,284,000. These players range frequently from the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, with a few picks out of Cuba and Curacao.

After the 2022 MLB Draft, the New York Mets farm system ranked 14th of 30 teams in the major leagues. We’re expected to see 5 current players from the top 30 prospect list possibly advance to the show at some point in 2023, with only less than a handful set to graduate no later than 2026. These international prospects will replenish the Mets current farm system, and boost it to a higher ranking, provide the club with future options when it comes down to the trade markets.

Although it will take some time to provide an accurate makeup of all 28 signed prospects, The Mets have signed 3 top 50 listed players in this batch. Ranking number 43 of 50, Cristopher Larez, 29th ranked outfielder, Anthony Baptist, and the Mets favorite pick, Daiverson Gutierrez, ranking 27th.

The Mets won the international signing period, securing 3 top ranked international prospects

No. 27 of 50 – Daiverson Gutierrez, Venezuela

As expected, the Mets and the 17-year-old catching prospect, Daiverson Gutierrez came to agreement that includes a $1.9 million signing bonus. Currently, 2 catchers occupy spots on the Mets top 30 prospect list; these 2 studs are expected to take off into the big-league limelight. This leaves opportunity for a young Gutierrez to develop and exceed his current level towards the Mets top ranking guys.

Gutierrez is a stacked kid with iron-athletic build at 6’0” 180lbs. His chin down over-shoulder power swing can orbit any fastball in his tight zone. His ultimate tool is power, with spray ability, and can hit shots. We’ve seen his ability to go the other way and stay back on the breaking pitch. His mid-30’s launch, and 98mph exit velocity is impressive for his age. Catching ability is without a question; Daiverson has polished skills behind the plate with a lot of big league polishing to do. Gutierrez will be the future farm system favorites. His current profile is somewhat similar to catching prospect, Gabriel Moreno, of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

No. 29 of 50 – Anthony Baptist, Dominican Republic

Another good ranking pick-up by the Mets is the speedster, Anthony Baptist. With a 5’11” athletic-trim frame, Baptist screams speed and defence. He does everything from the left side, with ability to continuously put the ball in play. His young makeup shows for thick room to develop, however, his traits as a threat on the base-pads keeps his value high on the offensive side. I compare his current player profile to Blue Jays prospect, Dasan Brown. His speed will be his bread and butter defensively, with further development on his approach to the outfield tasks.

No. 43 of 50 – Cristopher Larez, Venezuela

Larez’s 43rd ranking of the top 50 prospects undermines his actual profile; this is how exciting this international class is. Offensively, Larez will work a count, being a pest to in the batter’s box. His success trait is his ability to make contact and go up the middle in any given situation. Larez will find holes, and use the entire field; he could be a leadoff guy. His defence is spectacular; as a shortstop, he is polished. I’ve favored other shortstops in this signing pool, however, his spot hands, prep-step approach, refined foot work, and strong arm has me sold on his ability to play the position. I can compare his physical game to Javier Baez. I can only assume that this kid will navigate his way through the system onto the top 30 prospect list in further years.

As per Baseball America, here are the rest of the Mets Signees:

Misael Lopez, LHP, Dominican Republic
Daviel Hurtado, LHP, Cuba
Heriberto Rincon, OF, Dominican Republic
Enderson Asencio, OF, Dominican Republic
Julio Zayas, 3B, Dominican Republic
Derek Rodriguez, OF, Venezuela
Osiris Calvo, LHP, Dominican Republic
Wilmer Lugo, LHP, Venezuela
Henry Pizani, C, Venezuela
Jean Brito, RHP, Venezuela
Elwis Mijares, RHP, Venezuela
Jonathan Perez, OF, Venezuela
Leyderman Ruiz, SS, Venezuela
Keiver Garcia, SS, Venezuela
Jesus Anton, RHP, Venezuela
Misael Lopez, LHP, Dominican Republic
Vladi Gomez, SS, Dominican Republic
Luis Ceballos, RHP, Dominican Republic
Daris Cordero, INF, Dominican Republic
Marcos Terrero, C, Dominican Republic
Ramon Henriquez, RHP, Dominican Republic
Raniel Diaz, OF, Dominican Republic
Branny De Oleo, SS, Dominican Republic
Alex Acosta, OF, Dominican Republic
Jamdrick Cornelia, LHP, Curacao

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