Howie Rose is "unfulfilled" by the Tigers’ combined no-hitter

Howie Rose's description of a combined no-hitter isn't wrong.
Toronto Blue Jays v New York Mets
Toronto Blue Jays v New York Mets / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

The Detroit Tigers combined to throw a no-hitter on Saturday and New York Mets radio broadcaster Howie Rose wasn’t exactly ready to send any of those baseballs to Cooperstown after. Prior to the Mets’ game against the San Diego Padres, where they’d have only 3 hits, Rose tweeted his feelings about the combined no-hitter.

Quick aside: everyone else reads Howie’s tweets in his voice too, right?

NY Mets broadcaster Howie Rose is feeling unfilled emptiness at the thought of a combined no-hitter

Matt Manning to Jason Foley to Alex Lange. That’s how the Tigers reached their Saturday achievement when they held the mighty Toronto Blue Jays offense at bay. Historic yet unremarkable, the game included 3 walks from the starter, Manning, and only 7 total strikeouts by the three Tigers pitchers.

Sprinkle in as many hits as you’d like for the Blue Jays, this was a good win for a down-and-out Detroit baseball club but as Rose says, it definitely has a different feel to it.

Howie might be feeling a little jaded having seen as much Mets baseball as he has with only two no-hitters to come from it. As he notes himself, last year’s combined no-hitter started by Tylor Megill was something he’d classify as “cool.” Maybe not so much anymore. We’ll have to wait and see the Mets throw another combined no-no and pay attention to how Rose reacts.

It also doesn’t help with the Johan Santana no-hitter to have as much debate as it does. It’s official yet some chalk burping up down the line from a baseball hit by Carlos Beltran of all people begs to differ on its legitimacy.

Rose further clarified he’s not poo-pooing the accomplishment by the Tigers as much as he’s a bit more apathetic toward the whole thing.

How can anyone really disagree? The no-hitter thrown by the Mets last year isn’t held in nearly the same regard as the one by Santana. None of the combined no-hitters ever are nor would any combined perfect game. It’s kind of like winning a 3 on 1 fight or in the case of the Mets’ from last season, 5 on 1.