5 greatest calls of Howie Rose's Mets broadcasting career

Atlanta Braves v New York Mets
Atlanta Braves v New York Mets / Chris Chambers/GettyImages
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4. Howie Rose best encapsulated the New York Mets’ amazing comeback ability from 2022 after Mark Canha’s go-ahead home run vs. the Phillies on August 21.

2022 was a season of insane comebacks for the Mets, and perhaps the best back-and-forth game was in late August at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia against the Phillies. Mark Canha capped off a great road trip with a multi-homer game, in which he hit two home runs in the last three innings of the game.

The first one was a three-run jack that tied the game at 7, and the second one was a go-ahead two-run homer that put the Mets up 9-8 in a game they would win 10-9. And after Canha’s second home run, Howie Rose described what the 2022 Mets were. “This Mets team, wherever they wind up, in 2022, just don’t disappoint. They’ve got drama in their back pockets, night after day after day after night.

That was the perfect description as the Mets won five games when trailing after eight innings in 2022, the fifth and final one was this game. Three of the five came against the Phillies, and two of them in Philadelphia, with the other one being the ninth inning comeback in which they trailed 7-1.

That was, of course, until their September collapse led to a stunningly early playoff exit, while the Phillies made a surprising World Series appearance.