5 greatest calls of Howie Rose's Mets broadcasting career

Atlanta Braves v New York Mets
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The New York Mets have been blessed with some of the best broadcasters in baseball history during their more than six decades of existence, from Bob Murphy, Ralph Kiner, and Lindsay Nelson from yesteryear to Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling today.

But Howie Rose has often been under the radar with many of the team's highlights over the past 20 years tagged by TV commentary. But Howie Rose remains one of the best New York sportscasters in the business, from his 20+ years covering the Islanders and Rangers on TV and radio to his nearly 30 years of calling Mets games on TV and radio, and has been on the radio full-time since 2004.

Tomorrow, Howie Rose will be inducted, alongside Gary Cohen, Al Leiter, Howard Johnson, and Jay Horwitz into the New York Mets Hall Of Fame. So to celebrate, we are counting down his five best Mets-related calls in his career.

5. Howie Rose beautifully described the pandemonium of the New York Mets winning their fifth National League pennant on October 21, 2015.

The 2015 New York Mets were a team for the ages, given how crazy that season was from the ups and downs to the euphoria of their first World Series trip in 15 years. Howie Rose had not been behind the microphone for any of the first four pennant-clinching moments in the franchise’s history.

And here he was behind the microphone for one of the best moments of the 21st century thus far for the franchise. “Here’s the payoff pitch from [Jeurys] Familia to [Dexter] Fowler on the way. And it’s … in there! Strike three call! The Mets win the pennant!

Now the call might not be that creative, but it is the tone of jubilation that makes this list after all they went through that season and how stunning a turnaround it was, and how stunning it was that the Mets not only beat a Chicago Cubs team that swept the seven game regular season series, but that the Cubs never really had a chance in any of those games thanks to the Mets’ domination from their starting pitching and Daniel Murphy.

That call is part of the Mets’ soundtrack forever.