Where does Pete Alonso rank in Mets home runs after 2022?

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Pete Alonso is now the only player in New York Mets history to have more than one 40+ home run season. He set the franchise’s single-season record in 2019 and has continued to bash away at baseballs in the years since. It’s what has most helped him become a star in the league.

Now four years into his major league career, Alonso is quickly moving up the Mets home run leaderboard. After the 2022 season, he’s even closer to the top.

How long will it take the Polar Bear to become the all-time Mets home run king?

Pete Alonso already ranks seventh in Mets career home runs

With 146 trots around the bases, Alonso is now ranked seventh all time among Mets players. His 133rd home run moved him ahead of former teammate Michael Conforto who managed to rip 132 dingers during his years with the ball club.

Alonso’s home run totals are piling up quickly. He’s closing in on the 149 Carlos Beltran hit. He should also pass Dave Kingman who hit 154 for the ball club.

After those two, there will be a bit of a layoff. Alonso can crawl into fifth place quickly in 2023. Catching Howard Johnson will be a little tougher. His 192 home runs can be surpassed in 2023 if Alonso has another fantastic home-run-happy season. It will take him 46 home runs to tie Johnson. More likely, it happens in 2024.

It has become obvious that Alonso will need an extension with the Mets or possibly just a return—if he does get to free agency—in order to surpass Darryl Strawberry at the top of the leaderboard. His 252 home runs are far from insurmountable. Alonso needs 106 more to get there.

Let’s mark him down for around late August 2025 on the first year of his new contract extension. Both need to happen, right?

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