3 Mets hitters playing better than their numbers say they are

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We're all Pham of Tommy right now

Tommy Pham was a hated player throughout spring training. However, he has been quite timely with the bat in the small sample that he has had to operate.

Pham is hitting .276 with a .474 SLG, five RBIs, and eight hits in 29 at-bats. It's been pretty timely with the bat coming off the bench and contributing hits in pressing moments of the game.

However, Pham should be producing even more based on advanced metrics suggesting he should get more playing time for the future results he could have. Pham's xBA ranked at .317 and his xSLG at .520.

The outfielder has been striking out 8% less than in 2022 and has had a higher barrel but at bat than in previous years. Pham could even improve if he starts lifting the ball more since his fly-ball-to-ground-ball ratio is the lowest of his career. This shows that an improvement adjustment is still missing.

Tommy Pham ranks in the top 13% of the league in average exit velocity and the top 5% in chase rate, indicating good discipline and power in his swing. He's been hitting well on every pitch, having better luck against the fastball.

Pham will start to put up better numbers as games and at-bats progress. The data confirms that the outfielder should be having more opportunities at the plate, being able to help the teams with more offensive production.

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