Hilarious Keith Hernandez scam story is already an all-time great SNY moment

Keith Hernandez Visits "Varney & Co."
Keith Hernandez Visits "Varney & Co." / John Lamparski/GettyImages

During Wednesday’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies, Keith Hernandez had an all-time great moment during the New York Mets game. While Hernandez has had plenty of great moments as a player and even on Seinfeld, this was an instant classic as a broadcaster.

In the top of the third inning, Hernandez explained the story about how he was nearly scammed with an email. The only thing that could make this more of a present day boomer moment would be if Elon Musk scammed him with an NFT of Will Smith punching someone.

We’ve all been there, Keith. There was a moment in all of our lives when we received our first attempted scam email. Some of us may have even clicked on a link we shouldn’t have. I’m guilty of it. That was also in the early days of the internet before we realized no one could be trusted.

Hang this Mets broadcasting moment with Keith Hernandez in the Hall of Fame

There are a few things to love about the exchange between Hernandez and Gary Cohen. Cohen’s jabs at Hernandez, pointing out how these scams are usually meant to target the elderly, playfully made light of the situation. It’s this kind of banter that has made Mets broadcasts enjoyable regardless of the score.

Scammers are running rampant in 2022 with emails and phone calls daily to our inboxes. By now, one might think Hernandez would know better. As Hernandez has shown many times, he’s not your average person.

At 68-years-old, Hernandez is still one of the best in the game at what he does. He brings a sense of humor to every Mets game. Personalities like his are perfect for the booth. There’s a reason why Mets fans were enraged when the second game of the season wouldn’t feature Gary, Keith, and Ron. Moments like this wouldn’t be possible.

Less than a week into the 2022 season and already we see Hernandez up to no good. Get this man a no-filters podcast or follow him around for 24 hours straight (naps included). Hernandez, with only a tinge of embarrassment in the way he told this story, may be about to give us a very entertaining season. What else could we expect?

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