3 random A+ grades the Mets deserve after the first 81 games of the season

The official midway point is here. Where have the Mets earned an A+?
Houston Astros v New York Mets
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2) Give the Mets an A+ for constantly having new unofficial mascots

If nothing else comes out of the 2024 Mets season, at least we’ll have an onslaught of fun unofficial mascots. The Mets players never cease to embrace the weirdness. This year seems to have a non-stop cavalcade of rallying cries.

It began with the Rally Pimp in the team’s first win of the season. They would later cool off only for a more familiar hero to step up and take the torch. Grimace’s first pitch took place at the front end of a winning streak that yanked the Mets back to .500 and into playoff relevancy.

All the while, the greatest hero of all was in the background. Jose Iglesias helped give the Mets a different kind of energy. As both a roster replacement for Joey Wendle and an improved starter for the struggling Jeff McNeil, he injected a better bat onto the team. More important is the attitude and hustle. Asking for the ball from his first Mets hit proved he was taking things seriously and with a humble approach.

Iglesias’ Mets teammates have embraced him just as much. His musical career hasn’t even had to go on hold as OMG is now the team’s song of the season.

The Mets are fun, likable, and playing well. Another unofficial mascot could be on the way in the next 81 games. For now, we’ll enjoy Iglesias and his music.