The Mets may have a new good luck charm

Francisco Lindor is shaking things up
Francisco Lindor is shaking things up / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

The New York Mets are struggling. When the team pitches well, they can't hit. When they plate a lot of runs, they give up even more. It's been a Murphy's Law kind of season, and not in the good Interstellar kind of way.

Buck Showalter has tried different lineups. He's tried different arms out of the bullpen. Still, nothing has worked. In times like these, you can either give up, or try something a little crazy.

The Angels have a Rally Monkey. Wade Boggs had fried chicken. The Cardinals had the Rally Squirrel. Jason Giambi and the Yankees had...actually, you probably shouldn't click this to find out what they had.

The Mets need a good luck charm

I'll admit that I'm a very superstitious sports fan. If my team wins when I wear a certain shirt or jersey, let's just say that it's staying in the rotation. If someone tries to change seats when things are going well, sorry my friend, but that's not going to work. Back where you were.

Let's just say that I'm predisposed to believe in good luck charms. You'd never find me stealing Jobu's rum, ya dig? To that end, please join me in welcoming the Mets' new talisman: Francisco Lindor's hair?

The Mets shortstop has had no shortage of hairstyles and colors during his nearly nine-year career, but for some reason this one feels different. Gone are the braids Mets fans have become accustomed to, and in their place is a sleeker style known as "The Edgar." Even better, with their walk-off win against the Yankees on Wednesday night, the Mets are now 1-0 with Lindor's new 'do. Can we credit Lindor and his barber?

Baseball is a sport that is full of superstition, whether it be curses, rally caps, or hopping over the first base line on the way back to the dugout. Crazier things have happened than a team riding a lucky hairstyle to victory.

Tug McGraw forever immortalized himself in Mets lore when he said, "Ya gotta believe." He couldn't have foreseen Francisco Lindor's hair being the object of that belief, but Mets fans are desperate right now. We'll take what we can get.

Lindor has said that he isn't superstitious, but maybe that will change if the Mets can put together a winning streak. He recently told People magazine that he's willing to shave his head if the Mets win the World Series, and that he has a deal with Buck Showalter for the Mets manager to dye his hair if the Mets can find a way to win it all. A lot will have to go right between now and then, but maybe we'll be able to look back and say it all started with a haircut.