Why Mets games are still fun to attend even without the team being in contention

Miami Marlins v New York Mets
Miami Marlins v New York Mets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

As we head toward the last several weeks of the 2023 MLB Season, the New York Mets have nothing to play for other than pride as they go through a very frustrating and disappointing season. After winning 101 games last season, the team barely sits in fourth place in the NL East as August winds down as we head into September.

Despite New York sitting at 55-66 on the year, the Mets faithful still come out to Citi Field to support their team, even during their roughest times. And they should continue to do just that. Even though the Mets are having a pretty bad season, you can still find many Mets fans having a great time at Citi Field.

Why it's still fun to attend NY Mets games

Citi Field is one of the most unique and nicest stadiums in all of baseball, and there's so much to do there to have a good time despite the team falling on hard times. For starters, the ballpark has an amazing museum full of Mets memorabilia for fans to check out and admire either before the first pitch, during the game, or during a rain delay. From videos of memorable Mets moments to memorabilia of the Mets World Series trophies and other historic Mets moments, I have seen firsthand Mets fans being absolutely wowed by that museum and say that one of the main reasons why they keep returning to Citi Field is to see the museum.

Also, if you attend a game at Citi Field, you won't be disappointed in seeing the Mets brand new scoreboard up close. To say it's big would be an understatement, it's ginormous. This scoreboard also puts up very unique graphics of players which is very cool to see and offers very interesting stats and facts about your favorite New York Mets players. And now during Mets home games, after a Mets player hits a home run, instead of just the apple going up which is iconic of course, Citi Field now adds smoke and fireworks after each long ball and who doesn't love that?

And lastly, my favorite, the eighth-inning sing-along. Ever since I've attended Mets home games, this is honestly the one thing I enjoy the most. Throughout the game, the Mets put up on their scoreboard three songs they want fans to vote on to have them play in the middle of the eighth inning to play. Fans then scan the QR code on the screen to pick their favorite and reveal the winner by the eighth inning. Mets fans love this as the songs they've played range from "Piano Man," "Mr Brightside," "I Want it That Way" and more!

So even during a difficult season, the Mets always find a way to entertain their fans. Many fans are rightfully frustrated by the 2023 New York Mets and they should, but despite the hard times they may have fallen, one thing is for sure, Citi Field and the Mets always go above and beyond to give their fans a good time at their home games.