Edwin Diaz and 3 other Mets free agent whose stock is rising

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4) NY Mets free agent Trevor Williams has raised his stock

Trevor Williams might not get paid like a starting pitcher on his next deal. He might, however, be able to earn more than an average reliever. His ability to flip from the starting rotation to the bullpen and vice versa this year with some nice results makes him a potentially dangerous weapon.

As unimportant as a long man in the bullpen may seem to some, the Mets have shown the best way to use this roster spot. It doesn’t have to be just for mopping up.

Williams may have two options this winter. He can sign for a bad ball club and start regularly on what we’d expect to be a shorter deal. The team could always have intentions of flipping him at the trade deadline. Alternatively, he could sign with a contender and find himself in the exact same role he has been in since joining the Mets. Maybe he even returns to continue his relationship with the team.

In his combined roles, Williams is putting on a display no one could have expected. It can’t be easy to start games for a week or two then go into the bullpen and be called upon for three or four frames unexpectedly. Williams has managed to accomplish this. Whatever the Mets have needed from him, he has done it.