3 free agents the Mets should wait for not named Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge
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Juan Soto
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The New York Mets should definitely wait for Juan Soto instead of signing Aaron Judge.

I saved the best for last. The Mets can get a generational superstar and bring in Juan Soto to play RF. It will be a 3 year wait, but one well worth it. Soto has done nothing but destroy pitching with a .300/.431/.548 career line. He walks a ton and doesn't strike out much. Soto would be a superstar to build around and still only in his 20's when he signs his next contract.

Can you imagine a Mets lineup that includes Lindor, Marte, Soto and Alonso?! It would potentially be the best top of the batting order in the game. Soto is such a pure hitter that it's almost a crime if the Mets don't go all out to bring him in. He would boost the Mets' lineup more than anyone on this list.

Soto won't come cheap, but he'll be worth it. Soto is the best pure hitter in the game right now and he's not even yet in his prime. Let the New York Yankees have Judge or someone else, but make Soto the new face of the team. Soto is on a Hall of Fame track and he would be a difference-maker to the Mets. Soto has the potential to be a huge marketable star not seen since Ken Griffey Jr. was on all the baseball video game covers. Soto is also better than Judge.

The New York Mets have a lot of options to pursue in free agency in the next three years and luckily have an owner that is willing to spend to win. The options on this list are all better than Aaron Judge and would be better investments as well. Let Judge play across town or anywhere else, but the Mets need these stars instead.

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