3 Mets free agents that can drastically raise their stock with a strong finish

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2) NY Mets free agent Chris Bassitt will only get one shot at free agency

Chris Bassitt will only get one shot in free agency to give his great-great-grandchildren a free pass in life. It’s coming up this winter and how well he finishes can determine whether or not Chris Bassitt VII has to work as a teenager or gets a free ride through college.

There is a mutual option with Bassitt and the Mets for next season but it doesn’t real fit well for him to accept. Bassitt has been good enough to earn himself more than a one-year deal. What he’s pitching for right now is an extra year and a few million more.

Due to his age, 34 next February, we can’t expect too many teams to want to give him anything more than a three-year deal with an option for a fourth. Bassitt has been a reliable pitcher throughout his major league career. The problem is that it began much later than most.

Where Bassitt can earn a lot of his money is in the postseason. If he can become one of those guys general managers view as a postseason mercenary, someone is going to overpay for his services. There isn’t enough of a track record like there is with deGrom for teams to know when the end may be near for Bassitt. An incredibly gifted starting pitcher the Mets are relying on this year to help get them a championship, other clubs could view him the same when and if he gets into the free agent pool.