3 Mets free agents that can drastically raise their stock with a strong finish

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It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. This is true for many things in life. Each trip to the buffet, it doesn’t matter what the first food I taste is. The real key is not feeling like a complete blob afterward. For these three New York Mets free agents, they’re in a similar situation.

Certain Mets free agents have built up enough of a reputation for themselves this year where it will be hard to see their stock tank or go up all that much more. Jacob deGrom is going to get paid a ton. So will Edwin Diaz.

It’s these other Mets free agents who can earn themselves a few million fistfuls more by ending the regular season strong and carrying over the performance with them into the postseason.

1) NY Mets free agent Taijuan Walker can get a huge raise with a strong finish

Taijuan Walker had trouble finishing his 2021 season with the Mets with any compliments from the fans. He completely tanked in the second half and has seen a few struggles down the stretch this year, too. He hasn’t been nearly as bad, though. Walker, a pitcher with talent but a limited number of innings logged each year on his resume, is fighting for possibly the widest range of any contract on the roster.

Walker is young enough to get a strong multi-year contract but also someone who could settle for a short-term deal with a high AAV. Anything seems possible with him at the moment.

A good final few starts and some nice showings in the postseason will go a long way toward Walker becoming one of the most coveted starting pitchers in free agency this offseason. He won’t have a $100 million contract coming his way but a four-year deal with an AAV over $15 million is completely reasonable.