3 Mets free agents we can already expect to be gone after the 2023 season if not sooner

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2) NY Mets reliever David Robertson will be one-and-done

The one-year deal worth $10 million the Mets signed David Robertson to this offseason won’t turn into anything more. Despite the similarities to Adam Ottavino in 2022, Robertson is a few years older. There will come a time when he doesn’t have it anymore. The Mets are hopeful his 2022 season was no mirage and that he can give them at least one more season.

It’s all the club will need out of him. Billy Eppler has been aggressive at rebuilding this bullpen beginning with the Edwin Diaz extension. Somewhere out there, another player similar to Robertson is on an MLB roster. His destiny will lead him to the Mets much like Robertson’s did.

If there is one constant criticism over recent Mets teams it could be their lack of developing quality relief pitchers. Drew Smith is it with Seth Lugo now gone. They got a strong helping hand from the Tampa Bay Rays who sent him to New York in the 2017 Lucas Duda deal. The Mets will undoubtedly take a hard look at many of the relief pitchers they brought in this offseason with hopes of at least one becoming an arm they can rely on in the bullpen.

In a non-closer role and maybe even behind Ottavino on the depth chart, we’ll enjoy the brief time we get to spend with Robertson.