3 free agents the Mets could use to fatten up the roster

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The dream of seeing Freddie Freeman represent the Mets

While Schwarber and Jansen can be viewed as possible additions for the Mets, I file the idea of signing Freddie Freeman away from the Atlanta Braves as a bit of a dream scenario. The Mets already have Pete Alonso and Dominic Smith on the roster as first base options. Signing Freeman would push Alonso into the DH role and then a cluster of shifts will take place around the rest of the team.

The fact that the Braves and Freeman were unable to come to terms on a deal prior to the lockout should have fans of the defending champions a bit nervous. Freeman’s loyalty to the Braves may be there. What about the ownership’s loyalty to him?

Adding Freeman to the Mets is a gut-busting transaction. He’s more unnecessary than Schwarber yet a more proven player. Looking at it from strictly a standpoint of morale, plucking him away from a rival makes it all the more sweeter.

Out of the three, Freeman is the least likely to end up with the Mets. Alonso isn’t a bad defensive first baseman and his desire to continue playing the position should be something the front office takes into account. I’m not opposed to the Mets making a big splash to help their offense. Freeman, as great as he is, puts a little too much weight at a single position.

But hey, if he does end up with the Mets, who’s complaining?

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