3 free agents the Mets could use to fatten up the roster

Championship Series - Houston Astros v Boston Red Sox - Game Three
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The New York Mets roster got a lot better before the lockout. I wouldn’t say they fattened up too much. There’s no girth around the starting 26 quite yet.

This could still happen if the Mets decide to go all-in to ensure they begin the 2022 season as a favorite. A surplus of talent in a particular role would certainly cause them to readjust their belt buckles and prepare for a gluttony of talent.

In the limited action we did see in November, there was little time to make any trades. The Mets are likely to make at least one trade, especially if they do decide to binge further in free agency. Among the free agents, three appear to fit in with the team now and in the near future while undoubtedly making the Mets a whole lot deeper.

The Mets can make their DH spot a lot better with someone like Kyle Schwarber

Kyle Schwarber isn’t exactly the most logical fit for the Mets considering his reputation as a poor defender and the fact that many people have either Pete Alonso or Robinson Cano penciled in as the primary DH this coming season. Add in that the Mets already have three starting outfielders on the roster and Schwarber’s name isn’t the first you would think of in terms of need.

This isn’t about need, though. This is about want. And if you want a lefty that can swat 30 home runs, Schwarber is a guy to look at.

The benefits of Schwarber are clear. He can hit. He seemed to piece things together even better in 2021, blasting 32 home runs with a career-high in each slash line number at .266/.374/.554. This also happened to come in only 471 trips to the plate.

Built for the DH role, Schwarber will have 15 more options for him assuming the National League adopts it full-time starting in 2021. The free-spending Mets are one of those clubs.

The big question that would arise from adding Schwarber or any other full-time DH is what happens to Cano. We can assume Dominic Smith gets traded or finds a spot on the bench. Could Cano really become the club’s starting second baseman?

I can see why the idea of signing Schwarber is appealing to many. Is he the best way to truly fatten up the team?