3 free agents the Mets let walk having a good year, 2 failing miserably

The Mets made the right call letting a couple free agents walk, but have watched three others have good years
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Former NY Mets pitcher Trevor Williams is failing miserably with the Washington Nationals

There is no chance the Mets win 101 games last season without Trevor Williams. The right-hander was an unsung hero, pitching in whatever role he was needed in and being effective virtually every time out.

Williams had a 3.21 ERA in 30 appearances (nine starts) and 89.2 innings pitched. He understandably wanted a full-time rotation spot after being so good as a Met and found an opportunity with the Nationals that he couldn't pass up on.

He's stayed healthy which is certainly a good thing, but Williams has a 4.72 ERA in 22 starts and 108.2 innings pitched. The Mets saw him struggle first hand last weekend as he allowed five runs in four innings in a Mets victory. In fact, he's had three starts against the Mets this season and two of them have not gone well.

He's gone six innings just five times this season, proving that he's at his best in the swingman role he served last season. The Mets definitely miss 2022 Williams, but would be where they are today with this version.