3 cheap and early Mets free agent signings they could've passed on for a minor leaguer

The Mets threw money at these players early on in free agency. All are gone and could've been easily replaced by a minor league player.
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3) The Mets could’ve passed on Jorge Lopez for Josh Walker (or just about any other optional reliever)

Ah, Jorge Lopez. The giver of gloves. His time with the Mets came to an unceremonious end after frustration showed and he threw his mitt into the stands after getting ejected. It wasn’t Lopez’s performance that got him the pink slip. The behavior which followed and lack of remorse was apparently the biggest cause.

The Lopez signing took place on December 13 and at only $2 million, was a third bargain addition by Stearns. For $5 million the Mets had their new backup infielder (Wendle) plus two relief pitchers they were hoping to get some upside out of (Tonkin and Lopez). Life comes at you fast. None lasted.

In addition to the major league signings, the Mets also brought in a ton of players on minor league deals. None have been spectacular. However, lefty holdover from last season, Josh Walker, has been exceptionally good in the minors and has been more than serviceable in the majors. Three lefty relievers on the Opening Day roster isn’t necessarily ideal, but with Walker owning minor league options the team would have the ability to quickly correct this based on the opponent.

Aside from Walker, the Mets could’ve handed the roster spot to a number of other relievers. Lefty veterans Danny Young and Tyler, for instance, offer the same roster flexibility. Let’s not forget about Nate Lavender who unfortunately was sidelined with Tommy John surgery. In an alternative timeline, he’s on the Mets and never got hurt.