3 cheap and early Mets free agent signings they could've passed on for a minor leaguer

The Mets threw money at these players early on in free agency. All are gone and could've been easily replaced by a minor league player.
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2) The Mets could’ve passed on Michael Tonkin for Dedniel Nunez

Michael Tonkin and Dedniel Nunez aren’t directly related in terms of a roster spot but let’s consider this. Sean Reid-Foley was in a late spring battle alongside Tonkin for a roster spot. He ended up on the IL with a convenient injury. Let’s say, for a moment, this still happens. Nunez could’ve been a worthwhile addition. He carried with him minor league options—something the Mets seemed to completely ignore when building the club in the offseason.

Tonkin was the first victim of the Mets DFA cycle this year. Officially a two-time Met because he did come back through waivers after a trade, his tenure with the club began on December 6 when he was signed to a $1 million contract. It didn’t take long for the Mets to sell him to the Minnesota Twins. On April 9, he left before coming back days later on April 17. He’d leave the Mets again on April 25.

Seemingly a worthwhile investment at such a low price, the problem with adding Tonkin was always how limited it made the rest of the bullpen in terms of options. Alongside Yohan Ramirez and Jorge Lopez, the Mets began the season with three players in the bullpen who’d be gone before June.

Nunez didn’t even begin the season on the 40-man roster. Quickly added in there, he is now a member of the carousel going back and forth from the majors and minors. One of the more impressive relievers we’ve seen, fans are hopeful he turns into something legitimate.