3 cheap and early Mets free agent signings they could've passed on for a minor leaguer

The Mets threw money at these players early on in free agency. All are gone and could've been easily replaced by a minor league player.
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It took the New York Mets a while to complete their MLB roster for 2024. However, some of the first moves they did make were on the cheaper side of MLB free agency. Who would’ve guessed that all would end up as failures?

David Stearns did pretty well in the offseason with the major additions. The minor additions, on the other hand, could’ve easily been replaced on the MLB roster with a minor leaguer.

1) The Mets could’ve passed on Joey Wendle for Jose Iglesias

Joey Wendle came to the Mets as part of a plan to focus on defense. Signed by the team on November 30, he was one of the early birds to get a free agent contract. The effect of this was one less roster spot for the team to employ a better candidate for third base duties. Gio Urshela ended up signing with the Detroit Tigers later on for $500K less than the $2 million the Mets paid Wendle.

His time with the Mets officially came to a close on May 20. He departed with a .222/.243/.250 slash line and 3 errors in only 56 innings on defense. Offering the club so little on both sides of the ball, it was an easy choice to part ways with him.

Instead of even signing a player like Urshela, the Mets could have just as easily replaced him with veteran infielder Jose Iglesias. He is already showing more heart in only a few days with the Mets than Wendle ever did. How much talent is left will need to wait a few more games. However, it’s already clear Iglesias is a solid clubhouse presence and someone who matches the chemistry of the rest of the team. That’s not to say Wendle wasn’t a good guy or a match. He was just kind of there while Iglesias seems far more comfortable with the attention on him and not in a bad way.