3 Mets free agents who won’t be back next season and why

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3) NY Mets free agent Trevor Williams won’t be back next season

Trevor Williams is going to look to get some starting pitcher money this offseason. He’d be foolish not to. He did enough with the Mets this year to show off that he can indeed be a decent enough back-of-the-rotation arm. Even if no one is willing to trust him in that role, his agent can market him as an ideal long man out of the bullpen.

Someone is guying to pay Williams to be one of those. The Mets can but it just doesn’t seem like it will be the focus. They are going to invest a lot into Diaz and hope to secure at least one high-leverage reliever to put in the back of the bullpen.

The Mets already have more affordable long man options anyway. Those guys fall out of the sky sometimes. Call up any pitcher from Syracuse right now and he can do it.

What has made Williams more special this year, however, has been the ability to move from the bullpen to the rotation. It’s hard to price. It’s even harder to predict how other teams view this strength.

Williams could do everything from become a long man in the bullpen for the Boston Red Sox to have a reunion with the Pittsburgh Pirates to give their rotation some sort of credibility. Whatever contract he gets, it probably wouldn’t be for more than two years. The Mets would be wise to at least seek a reunion. However, with the way teams are always searching for starting pitcher options, Williams should be attractive enough to someone to get a starting pitcher role. It’ll be an offer he cannot refuse.

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