3 Mets free agents whose stock is in the toilet

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2) NY Mets designated hitter Daniel Vogelbach is watching his free agent stock plummet

It's hard to gauge just how much interest there would be in a guy who doesn't play in the field, can only hit against right-handed pitching, can't run, and doesn't hit for a ton of power, but his value was certainly higher last season than it is right now.

Vogelbach has been public enemy number one in the eyes of the Mets fan base all season long. The hate is absolutely overblown, but it's impossible to not be very underwhelmed with how he's performed.

He's slashing .223/.330/.349 with five home runs and 26 RBI. Mets DH production has lacked once again, and he's obviously the main reason why. Barring a change of scenery at the deadline which leads to a hot streak, it's hard to see this guy getting interest from many teams on the open market.

He might make more than the $1.5 million he's making now, but it's impossible to see the Mets doing anything but non-tendering him if he isn't traded. If and when that happens, he's not landing a spot as a primary DH anywhere.