1 bat, 1 starter, 1 reliever the Mets could still use on the 2022 roster

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The New York Mets shocked the world days before the lockout with the addition of Max Scherzer. The dessert following their Black Friday shopping spree to completely reinvent the look of their starting lineup, the team went from playoff contender to whatever the next level above that might be.

All of the chips are going to the center of the table this season. And while we’ll have to wait a few weeks or possibly months for them to do anything else, there is more to be done.

Will it be a bat, a starting pitcher, or a reliever they add next once the lockout ends? I’m going to take a look at one of each.

I still like the idea of the Mets adding Kris Bryant’s bat to the roster

Why would the Mets possibly need to add Kris Bryant when they already have Eduardo Escobar? The answer is simple: Escobar can move to second base and everything will be right in the world.

It’s beginning to feel more and more like Jeff McNeil gets traded before Opening Day. Although Francisco Lindor didn’t get his best buddy Javier Baez to return to the Mets to pair up next season, there’s plenty of reason to think he’ll at least not get partnered with McNeil again.

Beyond just their strained relationship, McNeil had a rough year in 2021. He wasn’t the same. I’d love to keep him but the Mets could have other ideas. In which case, targeting Bryant is one direction they could go.

Bryant is far from a “must-add” at this point. However, there are really only two positions we could realistically expect the team to upgrade in the lineup: second base or third base.

The outfield is set with some combination of Mark Canha, Starling Marte, and Brandon Nimmo. Pete Alonso is at first base and Lindor is at shortstop. This leaves Escobar to bounce between the other two infield spots depending on what the Mets have in store next.

I doubt we do see Bryant sign up with the Mets. In which case, I’ll give an honorable mention to Jonathan Villar as the bat they could consider. On a one or two-year deal for a reasonable price, would it be so bad to have him around?