3 Mets free agents who could get $100 million contracts this offseason

New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates - Game Two
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3) NY Mets center fielder Brandon Nimmo is worth a $100 million deal consideration

Brandon Nimmo is not having a spectacular season but that shouldn’t scare too many teams off from giving him a coveted $100 million deal. He won’t blow past it but he could crawl across the mark rather easily.

There’s one big reason for this belief. Look at the other center fielders out there. Nimmo’s mix of offense and defense has raised his reputation just in time for free agency. He’ll turn 30 in March of next season making him a candidate for something close to a five-year contract.

There are only 11 MLB outfielders with $100 million deals in 2022. One of the best comparisons is Byron Buxton. Younger but also much more injured and less accomplished than Nimmo, age might be the bigger factor in limiting Nimmo from crossing the $100 barrier.

The Mets gave Starling Marte a four-year deal worth $78 million last offseason. A similar contract with a fifth year gets Nimmo very close to $100 million. One would have to think that a few million out of Cohen’s pockets wouldn’t be something he’d fret to surrender in order to keep one of the most gifted outfielders in the game.

Other teams, too, could feel the same way about Nimmo. Center fielders aren’t hitting free agency often—especially ones able to do what Nimmo can.

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