3 Mets free agents who could get $100 million contracts this offseason

New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates - Game Two
New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates - Game Two / Justin Berl/GettyImages
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2) NY Mets closer Edwin Diaz should get the first $100 million deal for a reliever

No relief pitcher in MLB history has ever gotten a $100 million deal. Edwin Diaz will look to change this in the offseason. The New York Mets closer is having a spectacular season on the mound and will hit the open market at only 28-years-old.

The stars are aligned in favor of Diaz doing the unthinkable. For working only an average of an inning per night, he could become the sport’s first relief pitcher with $100+ million guaranteed.

Relief pitchers are getting paid a lot these days and that’s not including David Price who was moved to the bullpen. Aroldis Chapman, Kenley Jansen, and Craig Kimbrel are all taking home over $15 million this season. Considering how much more fantastic Diaz has been and the projected performance for him in the future, he should at least come close to matching their salaries if not surpassing them entirely.

His age definitely helps. A five-year deal at $20 million might be fair enough to pay him what he has earned on the field and not hold him under control for too long if he fizzles out. A sixth year with an $18 million AAV wouldn’t be so bad either. Likely, we’d see an opt-out after two or three years tossed in as well.