3 former Mets free agent targets we can revisit at the trade deadline

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3) NY Mets free agent target to revisit at the trade deadline: Josh Bell

Josh Bell is no stranger to Mets rumors. He was one of their targets last summer before getting shipped from the Washington Nationals to the San Diego Padres along with Juan Soto. Now a member of the Cleveland Guardians, he has the benefit of playing for the best team on this list. The Pirates and Cubs don’t have as good of a chance at making it to the postseason as Bell will in Cleveland.

It’s no sure bet the Guardians can repeat as AL Central Champions. With the Chicago White Sox looking to rebound and the Minnesota Twins out there making moves, the Guardians could be sellers instead of buyers. Under those circumstances, we can already see how he’d fit on the Mets.

If you’re like me, you get nervous in social situations, prefer waking up early to staying up late, and think the Mets didn’t do the best they could with the DH spot. Bell would be a great fit in that role. The switch-hitting first baseman could give Pete Alonso a few games off from playing defense, too.

Bell is an everyday player and someone for the Mets to keep a careful eye on. His two-year deal with Cleveland includes an opt out after this season. Things going south in Cleveland should mean shopping him. The Mets might be the ones buying.

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