3 free agent targets to become the new starting DH

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2) NY Mets free agent target to become the starting DH: Joc Pederson

A little different from Abreu is outfielder Joc Pederson. A lefty swinger who has age on his side, Pederson is coming off of a .274/.353/.521 performance with the San Francisco Giants. He added 23 home runs along the way while playing some pretty bad defense.

Pederson has never been known for his glove. Now a guy relegated to the corners, he was worth -2.1 WAR on defense this past year. Is a DH job in his near future? On the Mets it might be.

For the Mets, Pederson could be the everyday DH but also a guy to occasionally shove into one of the corner spots as needed. It’s a far better asset to have on your roster than another first baseman. He is younger than Abreu and had a more powerful season. However, consistency hasn’t always been Pederson’s jam. He is only a .237/.335/.470 lifetime hitter with power numbers swinging drastically.

Nonetheless, at the right price, Pederson’s left-handed bat wouldn’t be such a bad addition to the Mets. He would have been third on the team in home runs this past season behind only Alonso and Francisco Lindor. Although last season was only his first hitting over .250, he brings a couple of other abilities to the field New York could use.

As a DH and occasional fourth outfielder, it’s not such a bad choice.