3 free agent targets to become the new starting DH

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The DH spot dragged the New York Mets down for almost all of 2022. With some exceptions along the way, it was a major weakness of the roster.

Mets DHs didn’t produce much at all this past year. The team must look for upgrades.

In free agency, three players stand out the most as possible targets to sign. None are the prototypical DH-exclusive players like J.D. Martinez or Nelson Cruz. These three can actually play a position or two and give the Mets everyday DH duties plus the occasional start on defense. More importantly, they can hit.

1) NY Mets free agent target to become the starting DH: Jose Abreu

Signing Jose Abreu to a deal this offseason could be huge for the Mets. He actually fits in with exactly what they were missing throughout the 2022 season. The hitters struggled against left-handed pitchers. In his 137 plate appearances against southpaws, Abreu slashed .294/.387/.471. Are you drooling yet?

Abreu is a first baseman who can still play the position well enough to give Pete Alonso the occasional half-day. He’s not horrific on defense but another year closer to 40 could mean his body begins to slow down further.

We’re not signing Abreu for his glove. We’re doing it for his bat.

Abreu hit .304 this past season while seeing his power numbers decline. It’s probably the direction he is headed. However, even with less power, he remains a threat at the plate. If we have to take only 15 home runs but get 40 doubles out of the DH spot to go with a .304/.378/.446 slash line like he had last year, the Mets are in great shape.