3 buy-low free agent targets the Mets should pursue

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The New York Mets have been linked to a lot of free agents this winter. They need to make moves to bolster the rotation, bullpen, and a couple of spots in the lineup, so they are exploring plenty of options. 

There are a lot of free agents who either got hurt or struggled last season that can be signed for less than they would get in a normal, healthy season. Let’s look at three of those that the Mets should pursue this winter.

1) Taylor Rogers is the lefty the Mets need in their bullpen

Taylor Rogers had a rough first half of 2022 in San Diego, but struggled even more after getting dealt to Milwaukee in the weird Josh Hader trade at the deadline.

On the season, the southpaw made 66 appearances and pitched 64.1 innings. He allowed 57 hits, 34 earned runs, 19 walks, and struck out 84 batters. His ERA was 4.76, his FIP was 3.31, his WHIP was 1.18, and his ERA+ was 81. His strikeout-to-walk ratio was 4.42, which is below his career average, but that’s still a strong number.

His first half was full of bad luck. His ERA in San Diego was 4.35, however, his FIP was 2.34, basically two runs lower. His WHIP was 1.11, his HR/9 was an incredible 0.2, and his K/BB ratio was 5.33/1. If you look at his game logs, he pitched better than his numbers indicate, he just had a few innings blow up on him that jacked up his stats.

Rogers turns 32 in a couple of weeks, so he’s not going to command a long-term deal. MLB Trade rumors projects a 3-year deal worth around $30 million. For a lefty with a career 3.42 ERA who can pitch late in games, that’s a fair price.