5 Mets free agent targets to bolster the bullpen who won't cost a whole lot of money

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The Mets could benefit from a veteran pitcher like Brent Suter

The Colorado Rockies veteran left-hander is a free agent this offseason at the age of 34. Suter is a pitcher known to David Stearns as he spent the first seven years of his career in the Milwaukee Brewers organization.

Suter is a player who relies heavily on his sinker and change-up to retire hitters which do not generate enough Whiff% to increase his swing and miss ability but are effective in limiting power contact. This has been a key factor in Suter's results with Colorado, especially because of the negative effect that Coors Field has on pitchers.

Suter has never been a high-velocity pitcher, but his pitches have enough location and spin rate to limit the damage to his opponents. This is demonstrated in his 2023 numbers where Suter managed to maintain an ERA below 3.40, ranking in the top 1% of the league in hard-hit contact allowed and in the top 7% of the league in xSLG.

Suter would be a reliable option on a one-year contract for the Mets as a transition pitcher at a time of adjustments within the organization. Along with Brooks Raley, Suter would be an important weapon in the Mets bullpen to limit the damage of left-handed hitters at a very low cost.