5 Mets free agent targets to bolster the bullpen who won't cost a whole lot of money

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Former Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees reliever Keynan Middleton could be an option for the Mets bullpen

Keynan Middleton was one of the best middle relievers in the major leagues this 2023 season. During his time with the Chicago White Sox, before being traded to the New York Yankees, he managed to strike out 41 batters in 31 innings pitched, maintaining an ERA around 3.00.

After being traded to the Yankees, Middleton managed to maintain an ERA below 1.90 continuing his dominance on the mound, striking out 17 in 14 innings and finishing with a WHIP of 0.98.

Middleton has an unconventional arsenal as a reliever who manages to achieve dominance through strikeouts since his fastball is not a primary pitch. The former Yankee relies on his change-up and slider to be efficient and generate enough swing and miss necessary to retire his opponents.

Of these pitches, the change-up turns out to be the most reliable in his arsenal, inducing a BA of just .200 with a Whiff% of almost 38%. Likewise, Middleton has seen a better result thanks to the fact that he has managed to increase his ability to generate ground balls from his openers' hits, increasing the result of these hits from 28% in 2022 to 56.5% in 2023.

Middleton can be a reliable middle relief option for the Mets in 2024 and beyond. The 29-year-old pitcher would carry a relatively low cost and could generate excellent results for the Mets organization.