3 Mets free agent targets they missed on who've already suffered a major injury in 2024

The IL might've been more expensive if the Mets signed any of these three.
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3) Keynan Middleton

Mets rumors surrounding a pursuit of Keynan Middleton seemed more speculative than anything else.  He ended up signing with the St. Louis Cardinals after doing himself some big favors with a big finish as a member of the New York Yankees last year. The connection to Mets skipper Carlos Mendoza for a dozen games wasn’t enough for the team to pursue or at least match the $5 million he’ll earn this season and $6 million team option for next year.

Middleton looked like a solid pickup for the Cardinals. Unfortunately, after 3 innings in spring training, he went down with a strained forearm. It has been almost two months since his injury and there is still no timetable listed for his return.

Middleton could have very easily ended up as an alternative for the Mets to Jake Diekman or more likely, Adam Ottavino. Ottavino is making about as much money as Middleton with the difference being the second year option.

An injury like this might not knock Middleton out of the picture entirely for 2024. But having already missed a month and no rehab underway just yet, it’s already aging badly.

The Mets wouldn’t have been able to handle the loss of such an important bullpen piece like Middleton could’ve been. Having to already DFA several relief pitchers and recall a multitude of them, this would have immediately changed our entire impression of the team’s bullpen if this was happening in Queens.