3 Mets free agent targets they missed on who've already suffered a major injury in 2024

The IL might've been more expensive if the Mets signed any of these three.
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2) Lucas Giolito

A much more known and discussed recipient of Tommy John surgery, Lucas Giolito was a long sought-after free agent by the Mets and their fans this offseason. The Mets were pretty much proclaimed the runners up in his sweepstakes. It feels good to be the first-place loser here.

Like Stephenson, Giolito didn’t pitch a game for the Boston Red Sox before his diagnosis. The Red Sox have recovered nicely but in a year where they were looking to save some money, they threw a lot away on Giolito.

The veteran hurler will take home $18 million this season with a $19 million pay day next year from a player option he cannot wait to exercise. The club does have a $14 million team option on him for 2026 which becomes mutual and worth more if he reaches 140 innings in 2025—an accomplishment they’ll be sure to avoid letting him make unless the postseason is on the line.

The Red Sox were able to recover from this. Something tells me the Mets wouldn’t have been so lucky. Sean Manaea ended up as the alternative. More affordable, we can feel nothing but satisfaction Giolito went to Boston instead. This could have ended the Mets’ chances quickly.