5 free agent starting pitchers the Mets should stay far away from this offseason

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The Mets should be careful with an NL Cy Young candidate

One of the biggest surprises this season has been the San Diego Padres left-hander, Blake Snell. The 2018 American League Cy Young Award winner is putting up one of the best seasons of his career this 2023, making him a top candidate for the National League Cy Young Award.

Snell is leading the league in ERA and is the pitcher with the fewest hitting contacts in the entire MLB. This is coupled with a season where his K/9 sits around 11.6, and he is aiming to surpass 30 starts for the first time since 2018.

At just 30 years old, Snell is up to get a lucrative contract after what has been evident this season. His bWAR positions him as the best pitcher in the National League, giving him an additional boost to his Cy Young Award candidacy.

However, Snell is a dangerous candidate given the contract he will demand versus the results that can be obtained. The Padres left-hander has been pitching with help from the team's defense, which shows through an FIP of around 3.70 and xERA hovering around 4.00.

Additionally, in the past few seasons, Snell hasn't been the pitcher we see this season. For a starter in his late 30s, with Snell's track record and the contract he'll demand, the Mets should stay out of the fight for his services.