3 Mets free agent signings that worked out better than expected

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3) NY Mets free agent signing that exceed expectations: Aaron Loup

Aaron Loup’s one year with the Mets doesn’t come close to matching what Reed or Dickey did with the team. Nevertheless, he’s a more recent example of a guy who signed as a free agent in New York and far outplayed what anyone had projected.

Loup spent most of his years with the Blue Jays, eventually finding his way to the Tampa Bay Rays in 2020 after a few pit stops. He was coming off of a successful year with Tampa Bay during the shortened season. The Mets saw something in him and pounced in the offseason.

What did Loup do? It seems fresh in our minds and yet it’s still hard to believe when looking at the actual number. In 65 appearances spanning 56.2 innings, Loup was 6-0 with a 0.95 ERA. He struck out 57 batters while walking only 16. He was the dream lefty reliever for the 2021 Mets bullpen. Ask a fan in 2023 how they feel, he’s still missed.

After making $3 million in 2021, Loup was able to receive a much more lucrative deal from the Los Angeles Angels the following offseason. A payday of $7.5 million over the next three seasons makes him a much wealthier man than when he was pitching in New York.

Most of us figured Loup could be good for the Mets. Nobody foresaw him being so outlandishly wonderful.

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