3 free agent starting pitchers the Mets can still sign for depth

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NY Mets FA target number 3: J.A. Happ

Like Anderson, J.A. Happ provides the Mets rotation with something different, a left-handed starter. Currently, the only left-handed starter the Mets have is David Peterson, and after a rough season last year, and a tough spring, it's unsure if the team can truly rely on him.

Happ on the other hand will provide the Mets with a trustworthy lefty, who the team can turn to whenever they need him. Like Rich Hill last year, Happ is a veteran journeyman who has bounced around the league during his career. Even though he's 39-years old, Happ proved that he is still a capable starter after being traded to the Cardinals at the Trading deadline last year. According to Baseball Reference, he went 7-2 with a 4.00 ERA in the second half in St. Louis, and there's no reason to think he can contribute a stretch like that for the Mets as well.

Hill was a pitcher that I believed was a tough loss for the Mets, as he could've served as solid left-handed depth. Happ would be an ideal replacement, with a very similar style of pitching, as both are soft-tossing veteran left-handers. A soft-tosser from the left side would be a nice compliment to a right-handed dominant rotation, filled with strong arms.

While the Mets have been exploring the trade possibilities for potential pitching depth, it may make more sense to sign a veteran starter to a minor-league contract, or one-year contract, while not having to give anything away to get them. If the Mets go that route, these three veterans would be great options for the team to pursue.

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