1 thing to love, 1 thing to dislike about each of the recent free agent signings

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3) What we love and what we don’t like about the Mets signing David Robertson

Speaking of bullpens, the Mets added David Robertson to the mix for 2023. He’s on a one-year deal worth $10 million. The money isn’t good or bad. The length of the deal is better than bad considering his age. The Mets needed an eighth inning guy. Robertson is the first answer they found.

Robertson has pitched in New York before, spending many of his years with the New York Yankees. Also fresh off of several high-leverage situations in the postseason for the Philadelphia Phillies, we have to love his moxie. Robertson is nearing retirement. Signing with the Mets came with a clear purpose. He doesn’t want his 2009 Yankees World Series ring to be the only one he can tell his grandkids about.

Hopefully, the Mets aren’t done building their bullpen quite yet. Starting with Robertson as the major splash is strong, though.

On the negative side, Robertson might feel a little too much like Jeurys Familia at times. He’s an exceptional pitcher with a high strikeout rate. It also comes with a lot of walks—or at least it did so last season. He averaged 4.9 walks per 9 in the regular season. With Philadelphia, it launched up to 6.2.

The only thing more frustrating than a late-inning reliever who serves up meatballs is one who issues free passes. It’s an incredibly minor thing to dislike about this addition. We’ll start worrying if it’s clear this is the only high-leverage righty Billy Eppler adds.