1 thing to love, 1 thing to dislike about each of the recent free agent signings

United States v Japan - Baseball Gold Medal Game - Olympics: Day 15
United States v Japan - Baseball Gold Medal Game - Olympics: Day 15 / Koji Watanabe/GettyImages
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The New York Mets had a busy week. From the MLB Winter Meetings and into the hours after it was over, they were one of the league’s most active ball clubs.

With all free agent signings, there are parts to like and parts to dislike. The Mets deserve rave reviews for what they managed to do in this early stage of the offseason. We’re going to limit the praise for what we love most. We'll gush over these deals more extensively if it leads to a championship.

As for the dislike, expect the Debbie Downer take even if it’s only a minor scoff at the deal.

1 )What we love and what we don’t like about the Mets signing Justin Verlander

Oh, baby! What do we love most about this addition? Justin Verlander gives the Mets the perfect pairing to have alongside Max Scherzer. We know there is no spotlight too big for him. He just won the American League Cy Young and a World Series.

What we should love about this most? Kate Upton at Citi Field is off the table.

Adding Verlander continues to solidify in the minds of fans how badly Steve Cohen wants to win. The moment Jacob deGrom signed with the Texas Rangers, this was the move to make. The deal is for only two seasons with an option for 2025. Game on!

If there is one thing we shouldn’t like about it is that the Mets are putting a lot of faith in a guy on his way to turning 40. Verlander hasn’t shown that he’s about to fall off a cliff. While his 2022 performance might be a reach for our expectations, he should still be good.

The year Verlander was born is the only thing to dislike about this deal.